Fundamental Knowledge of Power Adapters: A Comprehensive Guide

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I. Understanding Power Adapters.

AC/DC power adapter, also known as a power supply or AC adapter. It is an electronic device that converts alternating hing AC power 90v-240v from a wall outlet into low DC power 5v-56v that can be used by electronic devices,such as laptop,air purifier,robot,la mp ... It typically consists of a transformer, rectifier, and voltage regulator, which work together to provide a stable and consistent source of DC power to the device. When we choose power adapter need know what is the dc output voltage and ampere of our device.

II.Classification of power adapters.

In the field of power adapter production . It  can be classified based on several factors. Here are some common classifications:

Based on Shape:
-Wall mount power adapter- Fixed plug in wall
-Desktop power adapter- The desktop power supply consists of two parts, the AC power cord and the power adapter.
-Interchangeable plug power adapter- Plugs are moveable, it usually come with US, EU, UK, KC, JP etc.

Based on Application:

- Laptop Power Adapters: Specifically designed to power and charge laptops.
- Mobile Phone Chargers: Designed for charging mobile phones and other portable devices.
- LED Power Adapters: Used to power LED lighting systems.
-Universal Power Adapters: Designed for industry audio  and video equipment .Such as LCD screens, robots, UAVs, air cleaning...

Based on Safety Standards:

-IEC 62368 (60950/60065) industry power adapter- IEC 62368 is a safety standard for audio, video, and information technology equipment. It is a newer standard that replaces the older IEC 60950 and IEC 60065 standards.

-IEC 61558/60335 household power adapter- IEC 60335 is a safety standard specifically for household and similar electrical appliances. It covers a wide range of appliances commonly used in households, including kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances, and personal care appliances.

-IEC 61347 LED power adapter- IEC 61347 is a safety standard for electronic control gear for use with LED modules. It specifies safety requirements for LED power adapters and other electronic control gear used in LED lighting applications.

-IEC60601 medical power supply- IEC 60601-1 ensures that medical power supplies meet stringent safety standards to protect patients, healthcare providers, and surrounding environments.
III. How to confirm the demand with the power supply manufacturer ?

As a manufacturer with 15 years of experience, we have a professional sales team. You can contact our sales and talk about your requirements.

For regular power adapter. Below details are necessary:

-Final device type: Before purchasing a power adapter, confirm the power requirements of the device, including the output voltage, output current, and connector type. This information can be found on the manual or label of the device.

-Safety standards: When purchasing adapters, it is necessary to pay attention to whether they comply with relevant safety certification standards, such as IEC 62368, IEC 61347, IEC 60601, etc. These standards ensure the safety and reliability of the adapter.

-Determine the quality of the adapter and the reputation of the supplier: Choosing an adapter with reliable quality and a reputable supplier can ensure its performance and life.

-Power adapter type: According to the power requirements of the device, select the appropriate adapter type, such as wall mounted, desktop, replaceable plug, etc.

-DC cable length: 20cm/1m/1.2m/1.5m/1.83m/2m/2.5m

-DC connector size: 5.5*2.1mm/5.5*2.5mm/

Customized projects: If you need to customize special specifications of adapters, you can contact the sales team or engineers to discuss, design and production according to specific needs.

IV: How do I know if my adapter is compatible with my device?
  1. Check your device output voltage and ampere that it matches the output voltage of the adapter. Ensure the power adapter and device output same.
  1. Confirm your device's connector size and choose the right female or male connector to match.
  1. P olarity: Check the polarity of your device and ensure that it matches the polarity of the adapter. If the polarity is reversed, it can damage your device or cause it to malfunction.


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