XinSPower Launched 35W and 140W Multi-Port PD 3.1 GaN Fast Charger

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Two weeks ago, XinSPower launched 4 models of 140w & 35w multi-port PD 3.1 GaN Charger. It is earlier than other released their 35w dual USB-C charger.

1. PT352S
PT352S adopt GaN technology and (PCBA) 3D stacking technology make the product very small. C1 35W PD, C2 35W PD (blind insertion) / C1 C2 use simultaneously / 35W PD With Dynamic Allocation.

2. PT352
PT352 with dual type c port, with a maximum of 35W power output, with GaN technology charging your devices at high speed.

3. PQ1401
PQ1401 Powered by GaN tech, 50% smaller than other chargers, extremely compact to accompany you wherever you go. Enabling compatible with all USB-A and USB-C type electronic devices on the markets.

It can simultaneously charge three devices at full speed, such as one laptop, one iPad and one smartphones.

4. PT1401
PT1401 with dual usb c ports and powered by latest GaN Chip, it's compatible devices to be charged faster than industry standards. It supports lastest PD3.1 fast charging protocol, which can provide smaller size and high power.

It can also able to charge 2 laptops simultaneously at 100w and 35w or one laptop at 140w ( 28V/5V). Foldable plug & travel-friendly design ensures maximum portability wherever you go.

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