Xinspower won the first 140W GaN UL62368 certificate in mainland China

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Recently, the e-commerce website Amazon North America began to investigate the certification of products sold in various stores. Among them, charger products need to be reported to UL62368-1, and the previous UL 60950 report is no longer used. This move caused the chargers of a considerable number of stores to be removed from the shelves, and even the pages were deleted.

UL62368 is a standard for power supply safety regulations in North America, mainly for the temperature rise, withstand voltage, insulation and other requirements of the power supply. Recently, Shenzhen Xinspower Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known fast charging Manufacturer, took the lead in obtaining the UL 62368 standard certification, and the UL official public account also issued a document to confirm that this certificate is the first 140W GaN fast charging charger UL certificate in mainland China.

A number of new certified PD3.1 standards from Xinspower are also listed simultaneously to accept customer orders. These are PD3.1 chargers for Macbook Pro 2021 users and future new standard equipment.

Ms. Liu Jingying (left), general manager of UL Consumer Electronics and Medical Division in mainland China and Hong Kong, issued the UL 62368 standard certificate to Liu Xianqing (right in the picture), general manager of Xinspower.

Group photo of the certificate presentation ceremony

140W 2C1A GaN Charger (PQ1401)

The dimension of the Xinspower 140W three-port GaN charger is only 73mm* 73.2mm* 29mm, the volume is 251.36cm³, and the power density is 0.58W/cm³. It has three output ports of 2C1A, USB-C1 is developed based on PD3.1, in addition to the regular 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V5A PDO voltage file, it also supports the extended voltage output of 28V5A. USB-C2 supports 100W PD3.0 fast charge output, and USB-A supports 30W multi-protocol fast charge output. 


Adopt three-port dual-circuit design, C1 single-port maximum output power 140W, C2 maximum output power 100W, A1 maximum output power 30W; C1 + C2 power distribution is 100W + 20W, C1 + A1 power distribution is 100W + 18W, C2 + A1 power distribution The distribution is 5V4A; when the three ports are output at the same time, the power distribution is 100W + 10W + 10W.  

Xinspower 140W GaN chargers are suitable for users in different countries and regions around the world, support 100-240V~50/60Hz global grid power supply, and are equipped with two-pin folding pin structure, and support travel pin design, which can be converted to British standard , European regulations, Australian regulations, universal.

140W 2C GaN Charger ( PT1401)

Compared with the previous product, the 140W dual-port GaN charger from Xinspower is similar in that it supports the new PD3.1 fast charging standard. The difference is that the interface is a full USB-C layout, 2C configuration, and the same volume. 73mm * 73.2mm * 29mm, power density 0.58W/cm ³ .

Xinspower's 140W dual-port GaN charger supports power blind plug-in function. A single device can be plugged into one of the USB-C ports, and it can shake hands with up to PD3.1 140W fast charge output. It is more convenient for users to use without memorizing interface parameters. When two devices are charged at the same time, the global total power is 120W Max, and the performance still maintains a strong output.

Xinspower 140W dual-port GaN charger is also suitable for users in different countries and regions around the world, supports 100-240V~50/60Hz global grid power supply, and is equipped with a two-pin folding pin structure, and supports travel pin design, which can be transferred Into British regulations, European regulations, Australian regulations, universal.

Summary of Chargerlab

Amazon's inventory of store product certification is nothing new. This time, Xinspower took the lead in obtaining the UL 62368 standard certification to prepare customers for legal and legal sales in advance.

Xinspower PD3.1 140W 2C, PD3.1 140W 2C1A have been awarded the UL62368 standard UL certificate (including USB safety assessment) issued by the UL certification agency in the United States, and have passed product testing, factory audits and other links. Its product safety, quality workmanship , stability and the overall quality of the enterprise have been recognized by UL.

This time, these two PD3.1 chargers of Xinspower support 28V5A extended voltage output. It provides more output ports, takes into account the charging of multiple devices, and supports wide voltage operation and can be replaced by different ones. Pin type, now accepting OEM/ODM orders, please contact Shenzhen Xinspower Technology Co., Ltd. for details.


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