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Wall-Mount Adapter
Desktop Power Supply
Interchangeable Plug Power Adapter
Battery Charger
  • Wall-Mount Adapter

    Xinspower can offer 6W to 65W wall mount power adapter with output voltages ranging from 5V through to 48V. Main power supplies provide power to devices that run on batteries or have no other power source. These are suitable for applications such as chargers, set-top boxes, motor control and other office automation products. 

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  • Desktop Power Supply

    Xinspower offers 5W-180W desktop Ac Dc power adapter. With100-240V, AC to DC power supplies.We focus on low noise, high efficiency and reliability power supply,our product approved DoE(VI) / EU ErP & CoC5 Compliance and passed UL FCC CE GS PSE KC KCC SAA UKCA NOM etc global certifications.

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  • Interchangeable Plug Power Adapter

    Some plug-in power supplies come with interchangeable input connectors that you can swap when traveling to areas with different plug types such as the United Kingdom, USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. They may also come with protection features such as short circuit, over voltage and overload to suit the international safety approvals making them ideal for the global marketplace.

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  • Battery Charger

    Xinspower can suppybattery charger range 5W-180W.Universal AC input 100-240v,50-60Hz,supply for battery pack (Lithium battery, LifePO4 battery, Lead acid battery, Ni-MH battery).The output voltage (OUTPUT): DC4.2V 8.4V 12.6V 16.8V 21V 25.2V (0.1-5A) and we have fixed wall mount type, desktop type and interchangeable plug type for option to respond the various market requirements of customers.

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PD Charger
Wall Charger
GaN Charger
  • PD Charger

    USB-Power Delivery (PD) is a fast-charging technology based on the USB-C standard. Certain Apple® and Android smartphones/tablets and various laptop brands support the technology, which provides much higher performance than standard charging methods.

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  • Wall Charger

    USB charger refers to a device that is used for charging electronic devices with USB charging ports.USB chargeris a power adapter specifically designed to generate the 5 volt DC standard required by USB

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  • GaN Charger

    GaN chargers is small size and more safety. Compared with common semiconductor silicon material, GaN has wider band gap and good thermal conductivity, which can match smaller transformer and high power inductor, so GaN charger has advantages of small size, high efficiency and more safety. Xinspower's gan charger with Gallium Nitride (GaN: Gallium Nitride) chips, after switching to GaN technology, the size of the charger can be significantly reduced, which is very portable.

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Multi-Function Strip
GaN Power Strip
  • Multi-Function Strip

    Xinspower's power strip with multii-widely outlets and muliti-usb charging ports can power up many devices simultaneously, the compact design saves more space, suitable for the home, office, and college dorm room.

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  • GaN Power Strip

    Xinspower GaN USB C Power Strip Super flash charging, Charge anything fast,GaN Black technology, improve charging efficiency.

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Qi Charger
Qi2 Charger
  • Qi Charger

    Qi is an interface standard for wireless power transfer using inductive charging. The standard allows compatible devices.,Qi Wireless Fast Charger (5W, 7.5W, 10W) Support Android Smart Phone.

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  • Qi2 Charger

    Qi2 is a new wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

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About Us

Shenzhen Xinspower Technology Co.,Ltd (XinSPower), Founded in 2008, It is the world's leading manufacturer of switching power supplies, smart chargers and consumer electronics.

Currently, it has 12,000 square meters of single-family factory, 500+ employees and 50 high-level management and technical personnel.

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