PD Charger

PD Charger

USB-Power Delivery (PD) is a fast-charging technology based on the USB-C standard, Smartphones/tablets and various laptop brands support the technology, which provides much higher performance than standard charging methods. USB Power Delivery is a common fast-charging standardthat can be implemented in all USB-powered gadgets.This technology allows a device to be charged at maximum speed and safely.PD charger is an accessory to fast-charge various devices, eventhe most power-demanding ones.

Leading Technology

Industry leading desktop charging station solutions, including various charging protocols.

Easy To Use

Tailored for office and home scenarios, it is small, fast charging and easy to use, meeting the charging needs of a wide range of devices.

Safe Guarantee

Built-in multiple active protection, fireproof and environment friendly materials, obtained CE, CB, UL, FCC and other multi-national certification.


  • PD Charger
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