Wall-Mount Adapter

Wall-Mount Adapter

Xinspower specializes in versatile wall mount power adapters, ranging from 6W to 65W with output voltages of 5V to 48V, ensuring compatibility with various devices. These adapters are crucial for powering battery-dependent or source-limited devices. MOQ: 1000pcs.

Designed to meet diverse needs, Xinspower's adapters are used in chargers, set-top boxes, motor control systems, and office automation products. Their adaptability makes them ideal for different industries, providing reliable power for electronic devices and efficient solutions for motor control applications.

Whether you need a dependable power source for electronics or efficient motor control solutions, Xinspower's range of adapters offers a blend of performance and reliability. With a comprehensive selection of output voltages, Xinspower is a trusted partner for your power supply needs. Learn more about our OEM/ODM service.

Leading Technology

Xinspower's Wall-Mount Adapter features cutting-edge technology for top-notch performance and efficiency. #TechInnovation

Easy To Use

Simplify your power needs effortlessly with Xinspower's Wall-Mount Adapter. User-friendly design for seamless operation. #UserFriendly

Safe Guarantee

Trust in the safety of your devices. Xinspower's Wall-Mount Adapter provides a reliable and secure power supply for peace of mind. #SafetyFirst



  • 180w power adapter
  • Dc Adapter

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