Power Strip

Power Strip

What about the combination of a plug-in and a charger? In order to facilitate travel without carrying a variety of charging devices, Xinspower engineers combined mobile phone chargers and plugins, AC outlets and USB charging interfaces in one deivce, one device to meet all travel charging requirements. This design greatly facilitates our travel. As a charging device manufacturer, we are always exploring more possibilities in the field of charging.

GaN Power Cube(6-in-1):

Designed with cutting-edge GaN technology, our GaN power strip cube PA6512/6513 offers a compact and space-saving solution for all your charging needs. With 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, you can conveniently power up to six devices simultaneously. We combine the power display function, when the user uses the USB interface to charge the mobile device, the LED display will display the real-time charging power.

GaN Power strip 8-in-1 type: 3 USB C+2 USB A+3 AC Ports.

Xinspower PA1301/6510 power strip with 8-in-1 type is an impressive product. With 3 USB C ports, 2 USB A ports, and 3 AC ports, this power strip offers a versatile and comprehensive solution for all your charging needs. The combination of USB C and USB A ports allows you to charge a wide range of devices, while the AC ports provide ample power for larger appliances. Whether you're working from home, traveling, or simply need a reliable charging source, the Xinspower power strip is a great option to consider.

Leading Technology

Power strips incorporate advanced tech for efficient, safe power distribution, keeping up with the latest in electrical innovation.

Easy To Use

User-friendly design ensures effortless device connection, cable management, and hassle-free operation for all users.

Safe Guarantee

Built-in safety features, like surge protection and overload prevention, prioritize user and device safety, adhering to stringent safety standards.


  • 67w GaN Power Strip

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