GaN Charger

GaN Charger

Unlike traditional silicon, GaN boasts a broader band gap and efficient thermal conductivity. This allows for smaller transformers and high-power inductors, resulting in a GaN charger that excels in size, efficiency, and safety.

XinSpower, a prominent GaN charger supplier based in China for over 15 years, provides a diverse range of commercial GaN chargers, available in various power capacities such as 35W, 65W, 100W, 140W, and 240W for different applications. Tailored for commercial use, XinSpower's GaN chargers boast unique features to cater to diverse needs, including the PD GaN charger (PQ1401), GAN Charger with wirelsss function (PQ1006D), and Quick Charge 3.0 GaN charger (PQ657). Our products have been accredited with major international standard – ISO9001, ISO14001 2004, MES system, BSCI, CB, CE, UL, ETL, CSA, FCC, RoHS etc.

As a china GaN charger factory, we can do OEM/ODM. If you have your own drawing or idea, please contact us. Our engineers would be happy to help you to design the charger.

Leading Technology

Xinspower's GaN Charger pioneers cutting-edge technology, ensuring top-tier performance and efficiency.

Easy To Use

Xinspower's GaN Charger seamlessly combines user-friendly design with unmatched efficiency for hassle-free charging.

Safe Guarantee

Power up confidently! Xinspower's GaN Charger guarantees a safe and secure charging experience, prioritizing your device's well-being. #SafeCharging


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