Laptop PD Power Adapter

Laptop PD Power Adapter

Xinspower offers battery charger range 5W to180W.Universal AC input 100-240v,50/60Hz apply to battery pack (Lithium battery, LifePO4 battery, Lead acid battery, Ni-MH battery), Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, E-bike, Electric Golf Cart, Electric Vehicle, Electric Toys,Power tools, Motor, Massage etc devices.The output voltage (OUTPUT): DC4.2V 8.4V 12.6V 16.8V 21V 25.2V (0-5A) and we have fixed wall mount type, desktop type and interchangeable plug type for option to respondthe various market requirements of customers.

Leading Technology

Industry leading power supply solutions, including various AC DC power adapter and battery chargers.

Easy To Use

Tailored for office and home scenarios, it is small, fast charging and easy to use, meeting the charging needs of a wide range of devices.

Safe Guarantee

Built-in multiple active protection, fireproof and environment friendly materials, obtained CE, CB, UL, FCC and other multi-national certification.


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