Interchangeable 65w USB C Charger

XinSpower P6514 65W PD3.0 USB C Charger

  • 65W Maximum Output compatible for smart phone, tablet and macbook.
  • GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors inside,efficient and speed charge.
  • Fixed wall mount type with USB type-c cable
  • Compact and portable design, perfect for Home, Office and Travel use.

Advantages Description:

Compact size: small but powerful thanks to innovative GaN technology.

Safety features: integrated over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection to keep connected devices safe.

The product shell is made of fireproof material, so accidents won't happen even in complex situations.

Technical Specifications
Iuput 100~240V,50Hz/60Hz,1.5A Max
Output USB-C(PD3.0):5V3A、9V3A、12V3A、15V3A、20V3.25A
Size 65×64×30mm
Interface USB-C
Standard IEC62368
Plug Intechangeable  US, JP, EU, UK plugs
Protection Short Circuit Protection, OVP, OTP, OLP, OCP



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