All-in-one Charger

All-in-one Charger

XinSpower was founded in 2008, It is the world's leading manufacturer of switching power supplies, smart chargers and consumer electronics. We keep up with new mobile phone charging techonology, all the chargers supports QC and PD quick charge. XinSpower updated all quick charging cores from QC 2.0 to QC 4.0. we pay attention to research and development, and know charger more...

Leading Technology

Industry leading desktop charging station solutions, including various charging protocols and wireless charging.


Easy To Use

Tailored for office and home scenarios, it is small, fast charging and easy to use, meeting the charging needs of a wide range of devices.

Safe Guarantee

Built-in multiple active protection, fireproof and environment friendly materials, obtained CE, CB, UL, FCC and other multi-national certification.




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