Salesman deal with all the potential demand from the whole world market timely whether AC -DC power Adapter or Wall charger filed.Domestic salesman is responsible for the domestic customers.The Oversea Salesman is responsible for the oversea customers.We also equip with sales assistant to support the sales work.

The simple Pre-sales flowchart:

1.) Communication by E-mail, Social media, phone
2.) Confirm the demand and cost
3.) Prepare samples
4.) Sample shipment and confirmation

On sale

Salesman get the formal cooperation news from customer,salesman email customer the contract or PI, then the customer release PO.The sales assistant and salesman work together to confirm all the ODM/OEM details of the PO, then input the order in our ERP system.Then the PMC will notice customer a estimated lead time timely.Usually the goods will be shipped timely after finish the customer goods inspection.

The On sale Flowchart:

1.) Get order news from customer,then send PI or contract to customer
2.) Get PO from customer
3.) Confirm all the PO details with customer
4.) Input the order to ERP system
5.) The PMC feedback Lead Time
6.) Goods inspection and Shipment

After sales

Goods warranty is 2 years.Non human factors,,All the goods broken or damaged in the warranty time,we may prepare new one to replace the broken one timely.

If happen serious matter, we also may assist customer to solve the problem and discuss about the replacement or compensation.


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