What are the differences between gallium nitride power strips and traditional power strips?

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Digital electronic equipment has developed rapidly, and fast charging has become mainstream. In order to meet the needs of multiple devices and more efficient charging, high-power power strips are one of the inevitable trends. When choosing a charger, you should consider these aspects: high power, efficient and time-saving, multi-port charging design, compatible with multiple charging protocols, Low calorific value. As a result, gallium nitride technology is highly favored by the market.

1. What is “gallium nitride”?

Gallium nitride, or GaN. It is a new type of semiconductor material that uses the arrangement of GaN components, which usually does not affect its original size and weight. The conversion of heat and efficiency of gallium nitride is also higher than that of ordinary power strips. In the past, ordinary high-power fast-charging power strips had fast charging speeds, but the biggest problem was that they easily became hot and burned your hands. Electrical and thermal conversion will occur, resulting in reduced charging efficiency (one of the reasons for slower continuous charging).Nowadays, various brands are also targeting these pain points and prefer to use high-power GaN power strips to "cool down" charging.

2. What is the difference between gallium nitride plug-in strip and ordinary plug-in strip?

(1) The size of gallium nitride models is generally more than 40% smaller than that of ordinary models;

(2) The weight of gallium nitride is usually only 2/3 of the ordinary model;

(3) The calorific value of the gallium nitride model during operation is generally about 10 degrees lower than that of the ordinary model;

(4) The conversion efficiency of gallium nitride devices is more than 10% higher than that of ordinary devices;

(5) Gallium nitride devices have higher reliability and can ensure stable output operation of the charger for a long time.

3. Our power strip comes with fast charging. How fast can it be?

Using ordinary fast charging, the phone can be charged to 50% in half an hour, and the tablet can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours; Greenlink 65W fast charging lightning protection plug, Type-C single port output, can increase the power of a 13-inch tablet in 30 minutes 51% reduction.

4. What are the other highlights of fast charging and lightning protection?

1) Using 65W gallium nitride and reasonably configured fast charging port:

First of all, it uses gallium nitride technology, which can better control temperature and enable safe and fast charging even at full power. In addition, the power distribution of the fast charging port is also very considerate. Looking at the two fast charging ports of USB-A and Type-C, when four devices are charged at the same time, the power distribution is C1=30W, C2=20W, A1/A2=5V3A.

Secondly, the number of fast charging ports is arranged enough to make people feel comfortable. Equipped with 2 Type-C interfaces and 2 USB-A interfaces, it can charge 4 devices at the same time. If you have two or more mobile phones, you don’t have to worry about not having enough fast charging ports, and you can save several plugs.

2) Multiple lightning protection and surge resistance, effectively protecting home appliances and making them safer:

In the internal components of this power strip, each group of components is wrapped with insulating materials. There are three zinc oxide varistors, which can be quickly activated when encountering a lightning strike, instantly absorbing the 4KV voltage caused by lightning, and protecting our Electrical equipment is not damaged.

In addition to the varistor, it is also equipped with 2 high-temperature fuse protectors, which can automatically sense when encountering high temperatures and fuse themselves to protect the circuit and electrical safety. The remaining ceramic gas discharge tube can absorb excess current and lead it out through the ground wire to increase safety.

This function is also equipped with an indicator light of the lightning protection and anti-surge protector, which is always on under normal conditions.

3) Not only professional, but also design with more humanized details:

Point 1: Anti-slip mats. It can be placed securely on the table and will not move easily due to inadvertent pulling, or even cause the surrounding items to be swept to the floor. This itch in life has been discovered and solved, but it is very comfortable.

Point 2: Soft white light. Compared with the red reminder light, it can be used as a reminder without irritating the eyes.

Point 3: 42mm large hole spacing. It meets the requirements of the new national standard, and while the body does not significantly increase in size, it can also integrate ten mouths into one. Regardless of the size and shape of the plug, it can charge multiple devices at the same time without being "crowded", and there will be no room for your fingers to exert force when plugging or unplugging.

Point 4: The real line length is 1.8 meters. Not including the length of the fuselage, there is no "cutting corners", it is suitable for daily life and office use, the distance is not limited, it is really very~

The power strip market is a mixed bag, with varying quality, and electrical safety should be one of the issues that each of us should attach great importance to. Therefore, choosing a power strip with excellent quality, practicality, and cost-effectiveness is a required course for every family.

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