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The fierce competitive situation of the smartphone market allows major mobile phone manufacturers to desperately expand the function of smartphones. Like wireless charging, it can be remained. In the past two years, wireless charging has become the standard for many flagships and even mid -range mobile phones. Consumers who bought mobile phones at 4 or 5,000 yuan, in order to match the saddle, started to start

The wireless charger is easy to use. When you do n’t need a mobile phone, put it directly on the charging board. The power of the phone is full at any time. Moreover, it is not necessary to use the official wireless charger. There are many choices. Many people can't help asking, is the wireless charger easy to use? Will it be broken when charging? What is the charging speed and wired charging ratio? After reading this article today, you will definitely have the answer. Maybe, your new year's wish list can have more practical black technology.

The principle of wireless charging is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Through near -field induction, energy is transmitted to the terminal device from wireless charging equipment. The terminal device converts the receiving energy into a battery to the battery. At present, there are two branches in industry wireless technology: one is magnetic field sensor technology represented by QI standards, and the other is the magnetic resonance technology represented by the AirFuel standard.

Wireless charging conversion will lose loss. High -quality wireless chargers have temperature control functions, which can control the temperature below 40 ° C. Those who feel warm are normal. There are currently no wireless chargers that are not heated at all. The charging efficiency of wireless charging is affected by the charger and mobile phone. At present, the mainstream Qi wireless charger supports the maximum 10W output, but the actual conversion rate is about 7.5W. Different mobile phone receiving power is also different.

According to the test, when the charging time is the same, the power after charging the wired charger is 93%, and the power after charging the wireless charger is 88%. Obviously, the wireless charger is relatively slow in charging efficiency. There is still room for further improvement in technology. Wireless charging will be a bit slow, a bit hot, and you can't play your mobile phone happily when charging. But when it was filled and suddenly broke, there was no need to worry about it at all. The current market feedback is also good.

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